What are Oracle Cards?

I am guessing you have landed on this post because

  • You have recently seen or heard something that’s piqued your interest in Oracle cards.
  • You have been given an Oracle card deck.
  • Someone close to you has asked for a deck for their birthday or Christmas.
  • Or, like me, you know that at some point, there will be a conversation about your fancy card deck.

What are Oracle cards?

They are tools to gain clarity and insight, to help you make sense of your world.

Yes, I know, it sounds implausible, but it is what they are and what they (can) do.

Now, If you are anything like me, your next question(s) is;

  • Did you hit your head when you fell off the hippie train?
  • Why do I need to ‘gain insight’ when I am already living my life?
  • How do they do that?

All great questions. Let’s start at the top.

Did you hit your head when you fell off the hippie train?
Have I fallen a bunch of times? Yes. On my head? Once or twice. Off a Hippie train? No, because we fly magic carpets.

Why do I need to ‘gain insight’ when I am already living my life?

Short answer – because there is always room for improvement.

A better answer – Through self-awareness comes growth and the ability to change things for the better.

My reason? – to stop me stumbling through life like a drunk bumblebee.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my life, but if an upgrade available, I am taking it.
And the smartest (and cheapest) way for me to get that life upgrade is to understand myself and my bumblings.

Oracle cards are a FUN, effective way of doing that.

How do they do that? – The Oracle Card Game

Oracle cards are, by design, visual prompts, food for thought – a learning tool. The subject they are teaching is human nature – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

Each card is illustrated with clues to its meaning (lesson) and comes with a book/booklet with the Authors’ suggested meaning(s).

The number of cards in an Oracle deck varies; they can have between 20 to 100+ cards.

Oracle card decks also come in an assortment of themes, e.g. Animal, Plant, Goddess, Angels. Deck themes do not change the aim of Oracle cards, i.e. teaching us about ourselves; they are just different vehicles to deliver the Author’s card meaning. There is a deck theme to suit every worldview, interest and design taste. There is no right or wrong deck to choose from. If you love Unicorns, then that’s the deck for you.

To play the Oracle card game, you shuffle your deck, pick 1-3 cards (randomly) and spend some quality me time working out how the card(s) relate to your current circumstances.

There are two ways you can do this: look up the card lesson in the provided book/booklet or try to work it out for yourself. I usually try to work out the card’s message first and then read the Author’s suggested thoughts.

Hopefully, this has de-mystified Oracle cards and has helped explain their long-term value.

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