Jazz up your day with Oracle Cards

Not to be flippant, but using your Oracle cards doesn’t always have to involve comfy pants and a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on your door.

There are many different ways to use them. Below are three ways I benefit from using Oracle cards that don’t involve too much time or brain power.

Side note – If you have no idea what Oracle cards are, please read my article What are Oracle Cards? it will help you make sense of what I am about to share. Or, have some fun and substitute the words Oracle card for the first thing that pops into your head.

Desk Decoration – pick a daily card and put it on your desk.

This is one of my favourite quick ways to sprinkle a little cheer and wisdom into my day. Just like my morning coffee and walk, tidying and prettying up my desk with an Oracle card is a ritual that helps prepare me for the day ahead.

Is this ritual more about jazzing up my desk than the wisdom of the card?

Yes. My little desk card routine really helps me feel lighter, prepared and more focused.

Am I diminishing the powerful benefits of using Oracle cards?
Nope. This is just one of many ways I choose to incorporate them into my life and improve my day.

In the sections below, I will explain how my desk decoration and other cards come into play during my working day.


Distract & Reset – No one needs more distractions, I know, but hear me out.

Instead of doom scrolling to relieve your tech frustrations/boredom/daydreaming (guilty), spend a minute working out the significance of your desk card or look it up in the Oracle deck guidebook. If you have already investigated its meaning, shuffle your card deck and pick a new one.

I cannot tell you how many times just shuffling a deck has shifted my mood and helped me refocus. The true value, of course, of using your Oracle cards during your work break is the opportunity to quickly learn something new about yourself or your card subject.

Last week, for example, after yet another system crash, I learned that Camels have a transparent third eyelid. These extra lids keep sand and dust out of their eyes AND can act like contact lenses to help improve their eyesight. I was gobsmacked because my contact lenses have given me grief for weeks.

Did my Distract & Reset fix my eyes?
No, but I am booked to see the opticians about some new (third) eyelids, and I learned something cool about Camels.

Creative Idea Generator – Everyone experiences creative blocks.

You might think this doesn’t relate to you because you are not an artist or designer, but using Oracle cards to spark new (project) ideas is worth a try, especially if you are starting on a new hobby or craft adventure.

Is clay earring-making still a craze?
After a very stressful house move last year, I bought a clay earring-making kit. I thought I could spend my weekends in the new place de-stressing and finding myself by making fabulous earrings. However, when I unpacked my gorgeously packed box of goodies, I realised that I am not the kind of woman who can Smush & Tad-Dah! So I put the box away.

Weeks later, annoyed with my inability to come up with ‘cool’ earring designs, I got one of my Goddess Oracle card decks out. Aphrodite was super helpful as her card contained loads of symbolic elements that I used to badly scribble into earring designs.

Have I made any earrings yet?
No, but who needs earrings when you have ideas?! Seriously though, I use my oracle cards all the time to help dream up new collage and pattern projects, and so can you.

So there you have it, three fun ways to benefit from Oracle cards without the pressure of doing it the right way or having to bundle the family off to the cinema. As I tell myself all the time, ANY time spent with Oracle cards is time well spent.

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