Miss BKHS Illustration – Floral Bird

An illustration of bakkehus character Miss BKHS leaning into a giant tea cup decorated with colourful flowers. Miss BKHS is standing on play blocks and behind the cup is a giant 1960's shaped teapot decorated with birds and flowers. The images is titled - It's a big & beautiful world

Another Miss BKHS Project?

Actually no, this was originally one of my ‘draw something, anything’ projects from winter that I fleshed out in November 2020 when I realised that I had yet again forgotten to draw anything Christmassy for instagram.

Every year…sigh.

Anyway, having a back up of random little projects is useful for the absented minded amongst us.

Yes, I could have posted the tea-set up as is just like ‘Matcha Anyone?’, but I felt that I needed to make good on my earlier (self) promises to only put out projects that –

a) bring me joy

b) improves my drawing/design skills

c) tells a story, or at the very least gets me thinking about stuff and not just from a design perspective

d) fills in a minimum 9 instagram squares (I just can’t draw fast enough to post something new every day)

And, that’s what I did.

18 insta squares later… I am more than happy with my final project. I got to draw, play with scale (a common design tactic) and ponder on why it is young kids don’t freak out more than often than they do. Everything must look huge and weird to them.

No joke, I was gobsmacked for a week after the watermelon I had ordered online arrived – it was HUUUGE!