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Fishing For Airtable & Notion Fact Files is a collage-style image of a 1950s woman in a bathing suit standing on a green planet with rings. The woman is holding a fishing rod. She has caught two iPads that are showcasing an Airtable & Notion databases. behind the woman is a large image of a pink moon. Image by bakkehus

Download the Easy,

or the Breezy Knowledge Banks

Hey there, bakkehus Blog readers!

I am excited to introduce you to my brand new Airtable AND Notion Knowledge Banks, created especially for Oracle Card users like yourself. These free resources will help you expand your knowledge and boost your confidence in your Oracle Card practice.

So, what exactly is a Knowledge Bank?

I’m glad you asked. They’re databases you can fill with valuable information about your Oracle cards, like additional spiritual meanings, real-world facts and anything else you want to stash away.

Whoa! Hold your horses…

Before you click Download, please be aware that these nifty databases are not designed to record your Oracle card readings – just the wonderful nuggets of information you uncover when you Google your card meaning afterwards. If you fancy getting your hands on a lovely set of worksheets to record your Oracle card readings, just head to my Etsy shop and check out my Printable – Oracle Card Worksheets otherwise keep scrolling.

And why are they free?

Because I love freebies and learning and want you to enjoy your Oracle card practice as much as I do mine.

(You can read up on why I created them by heading to my article – From Insight to Intuition: Formal Data Collection Systems for Oracle Card Practice

Choose your Oracle Knowledge bank in either:


  • Simple table based data collection
  • One sheet / tab per Category
  • Relate your learnings together across Categories for cross referencing

Notion – (No account yet? Sign up for Notion here)

  • Two databases
  • Rich, searchable data
  • Flexible layouts and customisation of your fact file
  • Future extensibility for Card reading templates
  • Fact Files
    • collate by category
    • relate to articles
    • views by category
    • Pre-populated templates for consistency
  • Related Articles
    • Easily collate research
    • Collect web pages with Notion Web Clipper on desktop or mobile
    • Attach to the relevant fact file


Oracle Fact File

by bakkehus

(Easy Choice)



Oracle Fact File

by bakkehus

(Breezy Choice)