Easy 7 Step Oracle Card Process

Photo collage of two women leapfrogging over a hippo and a giant yellow cactus flower. In the top corner is a woman with a loudspeaker announcing the words  Leapfrog to Oracle card answers with bakkhus' easy 7 step process.

There comes a time when all Oracle card users choose to move on to better things.

No, I don’t mean onto Tarot cards (no disrespect to Tarot card fans).

I am talking about the move away from relying on the Oracle deck guidebook for card meanings to making your own interpretations. It’s a natural progression all Oracle card fans go through. However, without structure, it’s a transition that can get messy and demoralising unless you are prepared.

Oracle card benefits

This isn’t groundbreaking news to you I know, but in case you have forgotten, adding Oracle cards to your everyday life has many benefits.

  1. They can help you learn about my favourite things, e.g. Plants, Animals and crystals, and whatever you are passionate about.
  2. They allow you to reflect on why you behave the way you do, say the things you do, and how you can better manage your irritating neighbours.
  3. They also help you trust your intuition.

Out of context, intuition building may seem trivial, but many of us (especially women) have avoided actual physical harm thanks to our intuition. So, I personally think it’s a worthy thing to develop.

Sadly, Oracle cards can also be a source of mockery and scorn from friends and family members but let’s be honest – nothing shuts down ambition faster than your inner snark.

My inner critic (Janice) constantly wins First Prize for Most Creative Putdown, but thanks to my 7-Step Oracle Card Process, my card practice is ridicule free.

Blue Vintage Ticket for one to the 7-step Oracle card Process

Scorn Free Strategy

Success operates in active moments and not in idleness

Oscar Bimpong

To prevent Janice from opening another seed packet of self-doubt, I give her a job.

Her task is to ferret out and write down everything I know (however random) about the elements shown on my oracle card so that my creative self has the information and brain space it needs to leapfrog to relatable card interpretations.

It’s more fun than it sounds, and the benefits outweigh the extra time involved.

Without brain-dumping I can’t identify gaps in my knowledge, I miss vital card clues and I fail to make intuitive leaps to card meanings that match the Oracle deck guidebook.

And Janice gets to punch another hole in her loyalty card.

Easy 7 Step Oracle Card Process

If you want to quieten your inner critic and boost your Oracle card results, why not try my 7-Step card process? All you need is some paper, pens and Oracle cards.

Let’s do this!

Step 1 – Self Check-in
Get prepared – write down how you feel and what you can offload to help create an open mind e.g. today’s to-do list

(Shuffle your deck, pick a card and place it image-side up)

1950s Man with a camera climbing up the steps of a Rubik's Cube. Cube tiles images include a crown, snake, bird, brain, flower and acorn.

Step 2 – Identity clues
Put your detective hat on – write down the card clues (elements) that stand out to you

(Oracle card authors often add extra clues onto cards to help convey the overall message, e.g. fruit, flowers, symbols and even colours)

Step 3 – Brain Dump
Keep your inner critic busy – write down everything you know about the clues, however random they feel to you.

(Don’t over think it and do not worry about getting your facts right)

Step 4 – Interpret
Get creative – write down your card interpretation and key points

(Read through your notes for common themes and ideas and write what you think they mean. Write down 3 key points – again, don’t overthink it! )

Step 5 – Guidebook
Get your guidebook out – write down the card’s meaning and key points

Step 6 – Compare & Match
Get your coloured pens – write down (highlighted) matching interpretations and any unique ones you made.

(This is the fun part – read through your own interpretation and that of the guidebooks and mark the ones that match. Then mark down any unique to you that you feel was good or hit the mark better than the guidebook)

Step 7 – Review
Congratulate yourself – write down how you feel after another insightful card reading and what you will research later

How easy was that?!

As with anything, the first time is always a little awkward, but trust me, this process will quickly become second nature and help boost your confidence and card accuracy. It will also help you access awesome insights into your life, just as it has mine.

For card mavericks and those who hate processes, you can still use this method. Simply mix & match or even drop parts of the 7 Step process to create a fantastic card formula that works best for you – give it a go!

A way forward

To help structure my Oracle card practice further, I designed worksheets based on my process. They are available to buy in my Etsy store as a Printable PDF download if you fancy joining me on my quest to quieten Janice and improve my Oracle card practice.

To read more about my inner critic Janice please check out my article Oracle cards – Conversations with my Inner Critic