Trusting Your Instincts with the Druid Animal – Bear

A female hand holding the Bear Oracle cards from Druid Animal Oracle deck by Philip Carr-Gomm The image also contains two pink & black illustrated flowers and the words 'This Card" and bakkehus logo.

Don’t you hate being asked to buy into something without knowing what it is or how it works? Me too.

This is why, in return for bankrolling my Easy 7-Step card process and product Printable – Oracle Cards Worksheets, I will share with you a few of my Oracle card interpretations and meanings. To keep it interesting, I will only cover Steps 2-7.

If you have no idea what my Oracle cards process is, let alone why I think brain dumping is crucial to a fun, successful Oracle cards practice, you can quickly catch up by reading my Easy 7-Step Card Process article. Otherwise, let’s get into one right now!

Disclaimer – I don’t care about spelling, punctuation, or even if what I write down during brain dumping is correct – I just go with the flow. If it pops into my head, it goes on paper.

Do my card interpretations always Match with the Oracle Card guidebook? Nope, and that’s okay because what we come up with is usually way more exciting, and in most instances, more relevant to us.

Also, the layout below is a little different to my Etsy product Printable – Oracle Card Worksheets


Oracle Cards & Deck:

Bear – Druid Animal Oracle by
Philip Carr-Gomm

bakkehus Illustration of a a Mace, a Crown with an unhappy male face and part of Stone Henge. This doodle was from a bear oracle card reading.

Step 2 – What is catching your eye?


  • S-shaped squiggle
  • Bear carved into rock


  • Bear
  • Bones


  • 3 tall trees

Goddess & Other beings

  • Sad human face on crown


  • Browns
  • Blues
  • Golds
  • Grey-greens


  • Crown
  • Constellation
  • Cave entrance
  • Staff (zig zag pattern)

Step 3 – Brain Dump everything you know about the Oracle Oracle card clues

Crown + Staff – Fallen King – New King – lost battle – A change in Rank / Position. Staff has two colours Zig Zag pattern detail – Brown & Tan. Winter – Bear should be hibernating But out + it’s nighttime (unusual). Was it disturbed? Did it cause this or just woke up to find the aftermath – Hibernation disturbed = action – reaction. Changes in circumstances by winter…
Bear – Protection – Time out – honouring seasons – SAVING / storing for rest of season
Night = stealth / stillness / underworld

Cave – entry to other worlds including underworld

S Squiggle also Bear carving rock
Bones on the ground??
Star Constellation – the Plough? Check later to see what that is. Is it for Bear?
Has Bear woken up and found the remains of a King / Chieftan? Vikings TV – Bjorn (Bear) – Bjorn Borg – Abba’s Bjorn – pioneers?

Crown (Glory) = Winter is near ending? Leaves on trees could be
Spring – new beginnings

Druid Animal Oracle Cards by Philip Carr-Gomm features an illustrated Bear standing in a cave entrance. On the snow-covered ground is a crown, a mace and bones. The card has the word Bear written on it and blue drawn circles over card clues.

Druid Animal Oracle

Extra Brain Dump Notes:

That constellation must be related to Bear, but I always thought it was the Plough. The face on the Crown looks sad – not the outcome he was hoping for(?) The S Squiggle seems significant, given Bear is looking at it.

Step 4 & 5 – My Interpretation and Oracle card meaning

My Interpretation:

Time to claim YOUR Crown


Who or what needs your attention/protection?

Card Meaning:

Trust your Instincts Always!


Don't let anger + Primal ferocity guide you

Key Points:

  • It’s your time to shine?
  • Protection is needed
  • Pay attention

Key Points:

  • Primal Power + Sovereignty
  • Protection
  • Intuition + Strength


Qualities or Uses:

  • Protection
  • Compassion
  • Personal Power
  • Instincts
  • Intuition

Myths – Folk – Fairy – Stories:

  • Artio (Bear Goddess)
  • Artaois (Bear God)
  • Arthur – Spiritual warrior
  • Alban Arthuan

Astrological or Other:

  • Ursa Major
  • Pole Star
  • The Plough

Step 6 – How did you do?

Meh! I touched on a few things that could have led me to a closer card reading Match, but apart from knowing Bear is associated with Protection, I would say that my interpretation was on the Unique side of things. The guidebook mentions Art connects you to Ancestral Roots, which is interesting. My heritage is English -Danish, and I briefly touched on the Scandinavian name for Bear but again didn't go further with that either. 

I like my focus on the crown as a sign of regime change - new beginnings. That is something that makes sense to me. I definitely have to look up cave symbolism and the Underworld. 

How does this relate to what is going on in your life?

No idea at this point – especially as I am a little peeved that I overlooked the Cave – Underworld – intuition angle.

Step 7 – Look up later:

ResearchArtio – Bear Goddess. Also Cave symbology – other than knowing that they can lead to other Worlds including the Underworld, I know little else. Look up Underworld (probably need a refresher here too).

Fact Find – According to the guidebook, the zig-zag staff is a mace. Archaeologists found one near Stone Henge (UK). What is a mace, and what was it used for?

Curious Constellation – turns out it is the Plough, but it’s also known as the Great Bear or Arthur’s Plough. In the middle is the Pole Star. That all needs looking up.

bakkehus vector illustration containing two pink stars, two flowers with a white love heart in their petals, two tall pink and black floral stems, and a happy-looking owl with a pink heart in the centre of its chest

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