Animal Oracle Card Workbook (launch)

The Eagle has finally landed and is now up in my Etsy Store bakkehus. You probably have no idea what I am talking about so let me fill you in – I have designed a digital workbook titled ‘Real World Tarot Animal Oracle Workbook’.

It’s a workbook designed to help YOU build an Animal Oracle Card practice and apply all that you learn in 8 weeks to any Real World Animal messengers you come across.

If you are not familiar with Oracle cards, they are Tarot cards less structured little sister.

Coming in all shapes, sizes and topics, Oracle cards are very easy to use and great for building your inner wisdom and intuition. They’re also a fun way to kill 5 minutes when you’re bored or to reset your mind if you are feeling stuck.

How do I know this?

Because I have been using them for nearly 20 years. I use Oracle cards for all of the above-mentioned reasons, but also because I love learning and playing detective.

Every time I pick an Oracle card I learn something new. 

Depending on my chosen card deck, this could be facts about Animals, Plants, mythology and history, that’s in addition to ‘me’ stuff and about those around me.  More than anything I love the challenge of working out the card meaning by myself. I love piecing together clues in the card imagery, with how I feel about the card, and what I already know about the card subject. 

There is nothing more exciting than seeing how close you are to the actual card meaning. And, with regular practice, this happens more often than not. However, I am actually more interested in how different (unique) my card interpretations are because I believe they offer more meaningful insights into my state of mind and what’s going on in my life.

They also often offer up potential solutions, which is an added bonus!

So what Oracle card topic(s) do I prefer to use to improve my intuition and satisfy my inner sleuth?

I regularly use Crystal, Plant and Goddess based cards, but my daily go-to is definitely an Animal deck. This is partly because I love Animals, but also because I think it’s easier to work with what is on our doorstep. 

Thanks to all the children’s books, nursery rhymes, cartoons and comics, and kids’ TV that shaped our early years, we already have a treasure trove of information that we can access to build a great Oracle card practice. And, because Animals (domestic and wild) can be found on your actual doorstep, as well as in your garden and local parks you can use them in place of Oracle cards. Animals are our accessible Real World Oracle messengers. 

For example, If I find a tiny crab miles away from water, I will a) try to work out how it got there because weird, and b) what Crab Wisdom is and how it can help me. Then I’d take a photo of it to add to my workbook later so that I can properly test my knowledge and intuition against my Animal Oracle card decks. 

Now, if you are like me and enjoy learning cool stuff, sleuthing, and building/testing out your psychic muscle (intuition) then my workbook might just be what you need. It’s available in my ETSY shop and comes with a Buyers Guide for those of you unfamiliar with tablet note-taking Apps like Goodnotes and Noteshelf. 

If you are interested, but still unsure then I have you covered as I plan on posting up some of my Animal Oracle card interpretations for all to see, including those that I completely missed the mark on. 

There you have it, an introduction to Oracle cards and a sales pitch for my digital workbook.