Expressing Your Passion with Pride – Cardinal Oracle Card

A female hand holding the Cardinal Oracle Card from Animal Kin Deck by Sarah Wilder. The Oracle card has the words Cardinal and Passion written on it. The image also contains two pink & black illustrated flowers and the words 'This Card" and bakkehus logo.

Don’t you hate being asked to buy into something without knowing what it is or how it works? Me too.

This is why, in return for bankrolling my Easy 7-Step card process and product Printable – Oracle Cards Worksheets, I will share with you a few of my Oracle card interpretations and meanings. To keep it interesting, I will only cover Steps 2-7.

If you have no idea what my Oracle cards process is, let alone why I think brain dumping is crucial to a fun, successful Oracle cards practice, you can quickly catch up by reading my Easy 7-Step Card Process article. Otherwise, let’s get into one right now!

Disclaimer – I don’t care about spelling, punctuation, or even if what I write down during brain dumping is correct – I just go with the flow. If it pops into my head, it goes on paper.

Do my card interpretations always Match with the Oracle Card guidebook? Nope, and that’s okay because what we come up with is usually way more exciting, and in most instances, more relevant to us.

Also, the layout below is a little different to my Etsy product Printable – Oracle Card Worksheets


Oracle Cards & Deck:

Cardinal – Animal Kin Oracle by Sarah Wilder

Illustration of a red Cardinal's hat with love hearts and a nutcracker tool drawn onto its front. On either side of the hat is a pair of nut cracker tools with Red Cardinal birds drawn as handles.

Step 2 – What is catching your eye?


  • Full Moon – Crescent Goddess symbol?
  • 4 point + symbol (mandala)


  • Cardinal
  • with Crown feathers
  • looks very happy


  • not applicable

Goddess & Other beings

  • not applicable


  • Reds & Pinks
  • Blacks


  • Word – Passion

Step 3 – Brain Dump everything you know about the Oracle card clues

Red – Base Chakra – Love – Fire -Fiery – Anger – Red Mist

Red Apple – Health – slimming – Rubies! – Precious – Bloodstone – grounding

Finch – Nutcracker beak – strong – Ballet – Winter bird? Opposite of Blue Jay??
Crown of feathers – Grace – Majesty – Throne – Regal. North America?

I don’t think I have ever seen the Nutcracker – do I want to?

Looks very pleased with itself – Scarlet colour – Scarlet? Gone with the Wind? – love story – Frankly My Dear…

Red – energising – colour of wealth along with gold in many countries – red & gold weddings. Abundance & wishing couple well Dreams – unity – long term happiness

Base chakra – security – basic needs covered – fulfillment – Wealth creation – go get – store some nuts for winter.

Red and black Cardinal Oracle cards from the Animal Kin Deck by Sarah Wilder with three arrows down onto it to highlight the Oracle card's message of 'Passion' and the Cardinal's Beak, feathery crown and card mandala.

Animal Kin Oracle Deck

Extra Brain Dump Notes:

Why does it look that happy – good results – rewards – nuts – abundance. Be proud – pursue your dreams + PASSIONS. Work on anger issues or relationships that cause tension??

Step 4 & 5 – My Interpretation and Oracle card meaning

My Interpretation:

Be Proud - pursue your dreams and Passions.


Have you got enough provisions?

Card Meaning:

Draw on your own inner strength & passion and 


Tell your story with Pride (to help attract your tribe)

Key Points:

  • Do what you love
  • Build a nest egg
  • Sing your song?

Key Points:

  • Use your Passion to move forward
  • Concentrate on what you love
  • Share is caring


Qualities or Uses:

  • Pride
  • Confidence
  • Love
  • Passion
  • Companionships

Myths – Folk – Fairy – Stories:

  • Not applicable

Astrological or Other:

  • Monogamous
  • Sings in Duets
  • Marks territory with SONG
  • Collects & feeds seeds to love interest

Step 6 – How did you do?

Given I don't know anything about Cardinals or had much to say, somehow I plucked pride out of the sky. I am pretty proud of that! 

How does this relate to what is going on in your life?

Finding a like-minded community came up the other day – perhaps – this is an extension of that card interpretation.

Step 7 – Look up later:

ResearchThe Nutcracker – look it up – there might be some juicy nuts for me to stash away for another day

Fact Find – Cardinals – I claim to be a bird lover, but I have massive gaps in my knowledge. Need a FUN bird book to help fix that.

Curious – what communities/workshop can I join? Thanks to Gretchen Rubin’s book Life in Five Senses, I really would like to try a perfumery workshop.

bakkehus vector illustration containing two pink stars, two flowers with a white love heart in their petals, two tall pink and black floral stems, and a happy-looking owl with a pink heart in the centre of its chest

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