Spread the load (or not) with Animal Kin Starfish Oracle card

A female hand holding the Starfish Oracle Card from Animal Kin Deck by Sarah Wilder. The image also contains two pink & black illustrated flowers and the words 'This Card" and bakkehus logo.

Don’t you hate being asked to buy into something without knowing what it is or how it works? Me too.

This is why, in return for bankrolling my Easy 7-Step card process and product Printable – Oracle Cards Worksheets, I will share with you a few of my Oracle card interpretations and meanings. To keep it interesting, I will only cover Steps 2-7.

If you have no idea what my Oracle cards process is, let alone why I think brain dumping is crucial to a fun, successful Oracle cards practice, you can quickly catch up by reading my Easy 7-Step Card Process article. Otherwise, let’s get into one right now!

Disclaimer – I don’t care about spelling, punctuation, or even if what I write down during brain dumping is correct – I just go with the flow. If it pops into my head, it goes on paper.

Do my card interpretations always Match with the Oracle Card guidebook? Nope, and that’s okay because what we come up with is usually way more exciting, and in most instances, more relevant to us.

Also, the layout below is a little different to my Etsy product Printable – Oracle Card Worksheets


Oracle Cards & Deck:

Starfish – Animal Kin Oracle by Sarah Wilder

Hand-drawn doodles by BakkeHus of a yellow star with big eyes and a smile and 4 1970's style platform women's shoes with stars and waves design.

Step 2 – What is catching your eye?


  • Full Moon (mandala)
  • Two squares = star
  • Flower Mandala


  • Starfish


  • not applicable

Goddess & Other beings

  • not applicable


  • Purples
  • Lilacs


  • Star (fish) – 5 points
  • Kaleidoscope shape – little rocket

Step 3 – Brain Dump everything you know about the Oracle card clues

Starfish – 5 points – 5 elements TCM. No. 24 – 2+4 = 6 (?)

Regenerates identical from broken limb TWINS – ocean bottom – corals – can destroy reefs – certain species – Tiny tentacle feet

Card is Purple colour – higher chakras.

Don’t actually know much about Starfish apart from sticky pads + regeneration of identical Self.

TCM Elements = there are 5 – Full spectrum – Source – EVERYTHING
Many drawn stars and pentagram = 5 points – when you cut an apple across the middle the pips and core looks like 5 STAR

5×5 (Faith – Buffy) – oooh – Faith came about because of ‘death’ of Buffy.

Me: Slow down – feel your way around things – test the waters before leaping (?)

Purple and lilac Animal Kin Oracle Cards by Sarah Wilder featuring an illustrated Starfish and the word sensitivity. The image also contains numbered arrows pointing at each starfish tentacles and  card mandala

Animal Kin Oracle

Extra Brain Dump Notes:

Got nothing.

Step 4 & 5 – My Interpretation and Oracle card meaning

My Interpretation:

Slow down - feel your way around things.

Test the waters before leaping

Card Meaning:

Listen to your intuition to know the best way to move forward.

Ask for help - spread the load

Key Points:

  • Stop, Look, Listen
  • Get your feelers out (intuition)
  • Do your homework

Key Points:

  • Trust
  • Listen to your intuition
  • Delegate


Qualities or Uses:

  • Creativity
  • Intuition
  • Spirituality
  • Water Element
  • Trust
  • Delegation

Myths – Folk – Fairy – Stories:

  • not applicable

Astrological or Other:

  • Slow Moving
  • Super strong
  • Tiny tube feet
  • Very sensitive to light
  • Very sensitive to temperature

Step 6 – How did you do?

This card was hard! If I had spent more time (I need to get stuff done today)....Oh....that's perfect!!

How does this relate to what is going on in your life?

I pull an Oracle card that is in part about slowing down and I don’t do it justice because I have ‘things to do’. You couldn’t make it up if you tried – love it!

Step 7 – Look up later:

Research Buffy – are there Myths & Folktales that run along the same lines of how new Vampire Slayers are called up after the death of the current one? Is it like the Phoenix?

Fact Find – Everything about them (Starfish). The Animal Kin guidebook description is amazing – they sound cool.

Curious – I have started noticing numbers and reducing them down to their single digit. It could be time to look at Numerology and get a basic grounding.

bakkehus vector illustration containing two pink stars, two flowers with a white love heart in their petals, two tall pink and black floral stems, and a happy-looking owl with a pink heart in the centre of its chest

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