Challenge: Animal Fact Finding

Challenge: Animal Fact Finding

Just a quick announcement – I have set myself a little Animal fact-finding challenge. There are still a few kinks that need ironing out, but the basic idea is that I research real facts of Animals and present them here.

Why am I doing this fact-finding challenge?

Because I know that during my card practice, I always tap into my real-world Animal knowledge bank before leapfrogging around my other brain pockets for other weird & wonderful factoids.

I do this in part because my brain loves random Animal facts, and because I can see how their spiritual meanings are formed around real characteristics and behaviours.

Why not continue the way I am?

As fun as it is having a bunch of random facts rattling around my brain, I recognise that in order to improve my Oracle card interpretations and chances of winning pub quizzes, I need to structure my learning. It’s fair to say that unless I am doing a course with set homework my fact gathering is as random as the info my brain chooses to retain.

So, no more diving into rabbit holes hoping to find peacocks.

What will you (the reader) get out of it?

Hopefully, a bunch of Animal facts that you can draw on during your Oracle card practice or pub quiz.

But wait, there’s more!

As we are all about Oracle cards, I also plan on researching the spiritual meanings of Animals and kicking those out onto blog articles.

This challenge is a twofer!

Unfortunately, I don’t have a bonus offer to snare you into my Animal fact-finding challenge, but I can tell you that the first instalment will be facts about Eagles.

Yep, I am starting with those huuge super fast majestic storm chasers because
a) I love birds,
b) I really love birds,
c) Eagles are cool,
d) The Eagle has landed is title of my collage artwork that features on my blog article about my Animal Oracle workbook.

If you haven’t checked that out yet, you can read it by clicking this link – Animal Oracle Workbook (launched)

Until then, happy fact-finding!